The aim of the project is to show the factors affecting the phenomenon of energy poverty in Poland and to identify effective social policy instruments to counter this problem.


The Project consists of the following stages:

  • calculation of the scale of the phenomenon in Poland with an appropriate methodology;
  • in-depth analysis of features of energy poor households in order to create effective policy instruments;
  • analysis of interactions between energy poverty and other forms of social exclusion in Poland;
  • description of regional differentiation of energy poverty in Poland (differences between rural and urban areas, differences between regions);
  • targeting of instruments to tackle energy poverty and the analysis of the effectiveness of these instruments using micro-simulation model;
  • analysis of the influence of energy poverty on air pollution and formulation of policy implications of this phenomenon.




From 2015 to 2016 and in 2017 (X – XII) the project was funded by a grant from the European Climate Foundation. In 2017 (I – IX) and 2018 the project is funded by IBS own funds.




On 2017 and 2018 the Project is realised by:

coordinator - Piotr Lewandowski

manager - Jan Rutkowski

analysts - Katarzyna Sałach, Aleksander Szpor, Konstancja Ziółkowska


contact :


persons from IBS