4.6 million people in Poland live in energy poverty. In order to significantly reduce the scale of this problem, more effective and better addressed public policy instruments are needed. We propose three new instruments. First, targeted fuel allowance, aimed at alleviating the symptoms of energy poverty. Second, advisory services and energy saving improvements. Third, thermal retrofit coupled with professional energy counselling. The latter two instruments are meant to eliminate the causes of energy poverty. Thermal retrofit is the most expensive but the most effective tool. Developing a mechanism for practical identification of energy poor households is a major challenge. It is to be tackled by local governments, especially social assistance centres.


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keywords: energy poverty, public policy

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publication year: 2018

language : Polish, English

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publishing series : IBS Policy Paper

publication number : 01/2018

ISSN : 2451-4365

additional information: Project funded by the European Climate Foundation. Own study based on data from the Polish Household Budget Survey 2012–2016 by the Central Statistical Office. The Central Statistical Office is not liable for the data and conclusions presented in the publication. The content of this publication presents the opinions of the authors, which may diverge from the position of the Institute for Structural Research. The usual disclaimers apply.

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