Q40      Energy: General
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2019-07-18 Measuring energy poverty in Poland with the Multidimensional Energy Poverty Index
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Energy poverty is a complex problem that is generally caused by having a low income, having high energy costs, and/or living in a home with low energy efficiency. Various indicators capture these factors, but there is no consensus among researchers on which is the best ...
2019-01-22 Defining and measuring energy poverty in Poland
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The EU Member States are obliged to assess the scale of energy poverty in their respective national contexts. We propose a new definition of energy poverty in Poland, with different levels of specificity corresponding to the needs of different levels of administration. We also propose ...
2018-01-27 How to reduce energy poverty in Poland?
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Project funded by the European Climate Foundation. Own study based on data from the Polish Household Budget Survey 2012–2016 by the Central Statistical Office. The Central Statistical Office is not liable for the data and conclusions presented in the publication. The content of this publication ...
2016-11-10 Fuel poverty alleviation in Poland: turning evidence into action
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Based on the evidence of the fuel poverty in Poland we describe the policy options for alleviation fuel poverty. The current policy instruments are inefficient, incoherent and focus only on the reduction of the severity of the problem. Going beyond the diagnosis we present the ...
2016-09-12 Heterogeneity of the fuel poor in Poland – quantification and policy implications
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The purpose of the paper is to quantify the heterogeneity of causes and symptoms of energy poverty in order to provide guidance for policies aimed at fuel poverty alleviation. We quantify the diversity of the households in Poland in terms of energy efficiency and income ...
2016-09-11 Location, location, location. What accounts for regional variation of fuel poverty in Poland?
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The aim of this paper is to explain the regional variation of fuel poverty in Poland. The significant spatial variation of fuel poverty stems from differences in the buildings’ characteristics, income and household composition as well as the diverse advancement of urbanisation processes. The variance ...
2016-01-20 Energy poverty in Poland – buzzword or a real problem?
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This publication presents the main arguments for the recognition of energy poverty as an important issue that deserves separate treatment in research and policies on poverty in general. For this purpose, references have been made to worldwide literature and to first definition, as well as ...
2015-11-30 It’s cold inside – energy poverty in Poland
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The aim of this paper is to present a statistical measure of energy poverty in Poland. This is the first research for Poland which is strictly based on the methodology applied in the United Kingdom − the only country with a statutory definition of energy ...
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