Agata Miazga
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2014-11-20 Time for quality in vocational education
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The aim of this text is to summarise the key changes in the situation of vocational education graduates on the labour market in the last 25 years in Poland. It presents the main changes in vocational education and the sources of the observed problems, while ...
2015-11-30 It’s cold inside – energy poverty in Poland
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The aim of this paper is to present a statistical measure of energy poverty in Poland. This is the first research for Poland which is strictly based on the methodology applied in the United Kingdom − the only country with a statutory definition of energy ...
2015-06-30 Who will be affected by rising energy prices? Map of energy expenditures of Poles
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The need to satisfy the energy consumption needs in view of the rising energy prices will lead to reductions of other expenditure by some household groups. Data published by Eurostat indicate that energy prices in Poland, expressed in euros, are low, but in comparison to ...
2016-09-11 Location, location, location. What accounts for regional variation of fuel poverty in Poland?
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The aim of this paper is to explain the regional variation of fuel poverty in Poland. The significant spatial variation of fuel poverty stems from differences in the buildings’ characteristics, income and household composition as well as the diverse advancement of urbanisation processes. The variance ...
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