About us

The Institute for Structural Research (IBS) is an independent and politically neutral research foundation. Our research studies focus on economic analysis and evaluating the consequences of public policies in the following areas:

  • labour markets,
  • demography,
  • education,
  • family policy,
  • public finance as well as
  • energy and climate.

We rely on modern modelling, statistical, econometric and IT tools. We take great care to ensure our research is objective and based on sound methodology.


Since our foundation in 2006, we have conducted almost 200 research projects for such entities as the World Bank, OECD, various ministries, Chancelleries of the Prime Minister and President of the Republic of Poland, the National Bank of Poland, employers’ organisations as well as other associations and foundations. We conduct research projects based on grants provided by the European Commission, the National Science Centre and Development Grant Facility. We cooperate with leading scientific bodies across Europe, i.a. from Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Italy or Spain, and internationally – i.a. from Chile, Hong Kong, India and South Africa.


The Institute’s research findings are generally available, with two series of publications being specifically responsible for their dissemination: IBS Working Paper and IBS Policy Paper. All articles, reports and information about our projects and conferences may be found at ibs.org.pl.


The Scientific Foundation Institute for Structural Research was established in 2006 by a group of young economists associated with the Warsaw School of Economics community. The Institute currently employs 20 persons with an academic background, and experience in the NGO sector, public institutions and consultancy. From the very beginning, we have focused on diligent examination of the surrounding reality. The Institute for Structural Research is an independent and apolitical organisation. Our overarching objective – is to be objective.

research studies

Scientific and applied studies constitute the core activity of the Institute for Structural Research. We conduct all our research projects with a strong commitment to objectivity and methodology. We rely on the best available data and modern analytical tools. We focus on the labour market, demography, family and social policy, public finances, the healthcare system, energy and climate, and macroeconomics. We are particularly interested in the relationship between individual areas and research studies that have a significant impact on public policy. Information on both our ongoing and completed scientific projects can be found in the “Research studies” tab.


Sharing our knowledge is an important goal of the Institute for Structural Research. We want to communicate the results and findings of our studies to researchers in Poland and abroad, as well as to the opinion-forming media, public policy decision-makers and any other persons having an interest in reliable economic analyses. We issue our publications in Polish and English. The articles and reports can be found in the “Publications” tab.











Analysts from our Institute collect, analyse and process large amounts of data in the course of their research. We share the results of their work, such as applications, scripts and databases. These materials are available free of charge. When using them, please cite the original source.