Analysts from our Institute collect, analyse and process large amounts of data in the course of their research. Here we share the results of their work, such as applications, scripts and databases. These materials are available free of charge. When using them, please cite the original source.

Crosswalks for Polish counties and municipalities (KTS-5 & KTS-6): 1999-2024
Minor adjustments to Poland's administrative (territorial) division happened almost every year. The crosswalks include all TERYT codes for municipalities and counties applicable in a given year and a reason for changes for each unit.
Housing cooperatives – database
The database of housing cooperatives in Poland and the Czech Republic as of September 2023.
MEMO Toolbox
Web application to simulate macroeconomic consequences of implementing climate-change mitigation policies in three countries: Chile, Greece, and Poland.
Occupation classifications crosswalks – from O*NET-SOC to ISCO
Our crosswalks include a full step-by-step mapping of the O*NET data, coded with an extended version of SOC-00 and SOC-10 to ISCO-88 and ISCO-08 coding (used for most European data, including EU LFS).
PESCADF: Stata module to perform Pesaran’s CADF panel unit root test in presence of cross section dependence
PESCADF runs the t-test for unit roots in heterogenous panels with cross-section dependence, proposed by Pesaran (2003).
Occupation classifications crosswalks – from ISCO to KZiS
This set of crosswalks includes a full step-by-step mapping of the O*NET data, already translated to ISCO, to 4-digit KZiS 95, 02, 04 and 10 coding (used, e.g., for the Polish LFS data – BAEL).
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