Housing cooperatives – database

December 1 2023
The database of housing cooperatives in Poland and the Czech Republic as of September 2023.

The database of housing cooperatives was prepared as part of the ENBLOC project based on REGON and National Register Court data through the rejestr.io portal and the Czech Statistical Office. The database includes information about housing cooperatives’ names, locations, and size ranges as of September 2023. The data can serve as a valuable source of knowledge about housing cooperatives for housing researchers and cooperative members, banks, and other entities.

Contact person:

Jan Frankowski (jan.frankowski@ibs.org.pl)


Frankowski, J., Świetlik, T., Prusak, A., Mazurkiewicz, J., Sokołowski, J., Bełch, W., Staňková, N. (2023). Housing cooperatives facing the energy transition. Insights from Poland and Czechia. IBS Research Report 03/2023.

* * *

Preparation of the database was financed thanks to the National Science Centre under the OPUS call in the Weave programme (2021/43/I/HS4/03185). This report uses data from Statistics Poland, the Czech Statistical Office, and data from reports prepared by housing cooperatives. The usual disclaimers apply. All errors are ours. We want to thank Daniel Macyszyn from ePaństwo Foundation for his generous help in providing administrative data.

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