ENBLOC – Enabling energy transition in postsocialist housing cooperatives

realization time: 01.2023 – 12.2025

The project aims to assess the adaptive capacity of housing cooperatives in internalising energy transition based
on the example of Poland and Czechia.

In the project, we will:

  • collect data on housing cooperatives in Poland and Czechia based on administrative registries,
  • explore and assess housing cooperative strategies for dealing with energy transition and energy price increases,
  • disentangle power relations inside housing cooperatives and their associations with other institutional actors
    such as heating companies and municipalities,
  • investigate how and to what extent housing cooperatives and their residents perceive their readiness for short-
    and long-term energy price increases.

The research uses various methods, including household surveys, discrete choice experiments and several dozen interviews with decision-makers in housing cooperatives. The results will enable us to identify modes of action in particular types
of housing cooperatives and provide adaptative transition scenarios for multi-family housing entities in CEE countries.

 * * *

The project is funded by National Science Centre, Poland, under the OPUS call in the Weave programme (2021/43/I/HS4/03185).



Workshop meeting of the ENBLOC project in Prague
On 16-17 January, teams from IBS and the Czech Technical University in Prague met for the second time to cooperate in the ENBLOC project on the energy transition of housing cooperatives in Poland and the Czech Republic.
About energy transition in housing during ENHR2023 Conference
From June 28th to 30th, 2023, Jan Frankowski participated in the European Network of Housing Research (ENHR) conference. This is the largest scientific event focused on housing studies in Europe.
ENBLOC project’s inauguration
On 16th January 2023, IBS and CVUT teams met in Warsaw to officially start the ENBLOC project.
New project from National Science Centre!
In 2023 we will start a new international project OPUS WEAVE devoted to housing and energy transition.
Crosswalks for Polish counties and municipalities (KTS-5 & KTS-6): 1999-2024
Minor adjustments to Poland's administrative (territorial) division happened almost every year. The crosswalks include all TERYT codes for municipalities and counties applicable in a given year and a reason for changes for each unit.
Housing cooperatives – database
The database of housing cooperatives in Poland and the Czech Republic as of September 2023.
2023-10-02 Housing cooperatives facing the energy transition. Insights from Poland and Czechia
authors:    /   /   /   /   /   /   / 
This study constitutes preliminary analytical material concerning the adaptative capacity of housing cooperatives to accommodate energy transition in Poland and Czechia. This report comprehensively utilises administrative data from Polish and Czech national registers for the first time. These data have been employed to (1) compare ...
persons from IBS
Jakub Sokołowski
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Joanna Mazurkiewicz
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Aleksandra Prusak
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