Housing cooperatives facing the energy transition. Insights from Poland and Czechia

2 October 2023

This study constitutes preliminary analytical material concerning the adaptative capacity of housing cooperatives to accommodate energy transition in Poland and Czechia. This report comprehensively utilises administrative data from Polish and Czech national registers for the first time. These data have been employed to (1) compare Polish and Czech housing cooperatives based on their type, age, and size, as well as (2) to provide an initial assessment of the support offered to housing cooperatives in the field of energy efficiency (3) and an initial evaluation of their susceptibility to energy crises. The results indicate that Polish and Czech housing cooperatives are at different stages of institutional transformations, which may influence their flexibility in response to crises and capacity to implement solutions related to energy transition.

keywords: housing cooperatives, energy transition, energy crisis, Poland, Czechia
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publication year: 2023
language: english
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publishing series: Research Report
publication number: 3/2023
Additional information:

The National Science Centre, Poland, funded the report under the OPUS call in the Weave programme (2021/43/I/HS4/03185). This report uses data from Statistics Poland, the Czech Statistical Office and many other institutions which. have no responsibility for the results and conclusions presented in this report, which are those of its authors. The usual disclaimers apply. All errors are ours. We want to thank all the people who helped us share administrative data, especially Daniel Macyszyn from ePaństwo Foundation and those who participated in the first presentation of this report during Housing Forum 2023, organised by the Foundation Habitat for Humanity Poland.

Projects related to this publication:

Institute for Structural Research (IBS), Institute of Philosophy and Sociology Polish Academy of Sciences

Institute for Structural Research (IBS)

Institute for Structural Research (IBS), University of Warsaw

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