New project from National Science Centre!

July 19 2022
In 2023 we will start a new international project OPUS WEAVE devoted to housing and energy transition.

In partnership with Czech Technical University in Prague, we will assess the adaptive capacity of housing cooperatives in internalising energy transition based on the example of Poland and Czechia. In the first stage, we will collect data on housing cooperatives based on administrative registries and then we explore and assess their strategies for dealing with energy transition and energy price increases. We will pay particular attention to the power relations inside housing cooperatives and their relations with other institutional actors such as heating companies and municipalities. Then, we will investigate how and to what extent housing cooperatives and their residents perceive their readiness for short- and long-term energy price increases.

We will conduct household surveys, discrete choice experiments and several dozen of interviews with decision-makers in housing cooperatives. The results will enable us to identify modes of action in particular types of housing cooperatives and provide transition scenarios replicable in other CEE countries with a significant share of multi-family buildings.

The project will start on 1st January 2023 and received funding from the National Science Centre under OPUS 22 WEAVE.

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