ENBLOC project’s inauguration

January 25 2023
On 16th January 2023, IBS and CVUT teams met in Warsaw to officially start the ENBLOC project.

The ENBLOC  stands for ENaBLing energy transition in postsocialist hOusing Cooperatives.

In the first part of the meeting, we elaborated on the cooperative housing definition in both countries, discussed cooperative selection, and the initial housing cooperative database architecture.

Then, we took a short walk to the neighbouring housing cooperative (Służew and Dolinką) with representatives from whom we consulted our initial research ideas. In the second part, we exchanged recent project experiences in stakeholder engagement and discussed the organisation of interviews with housing policy decision-makers during the project’s first year.

In the inaugural meeting from the IBS, there were Jan Frankowski, Joanna Mazurkiewicz, Jakub Sokołowski, Tomasz Świetlik and Aleksandra Prusak, who joined the IBS in 2023. Tomáš Vácha, Wojciech Belch, Nicol Staňková, Klára Dvořáková, and Michal Nesládek represented the Czech team.

The following steps in the ENBLOC project are preparing the open housing cooperative database and organising interviews with national housing policy stakeholders.

* * *

The workshop was financially supported by a grant from National Science Centre, Poland, under the OPUS call in the Weave programme (2021/43/I/HS4/03185).

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