The project aims to assess the adaptive capacity of housing cooperatives in internalising energy transition based on the example of Poland and Czechia.

In the project, we will:

  • collect data on housing cooperatives in Poland and Czechia based on administrative registries,
  • explore and assess housing cooperative strategies for dealing with energy transition and energy price increases,
  • disentangle power relations inside housing cooperatives and their relations with other institutional actors such as heating companies and municipalities,
  • investigate how and to what extent housing cooperatives and their residents perceive their readiness for short- and long-term energy price increases.

The research uses various methods including household surveys, discrete choice experiments and several dozen of interviews with decision-makers in housing cooperatives. The results will enable us
to identify modes of action in particular types of housing cooperatives and provide adaptative transition scenarios for multi-family housing entities in CEE countries.

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The project is funded by National Science Centre, Poland under the OPUS call in the Weave programme


Principal investigator: Jan Frankowski

contact :

persons from IBS


Czech Technical University in Prague (