Maciej Lis
author's publication list
2017-01-17 Assessing the social benefits from investment in sports in relation to the costs. Analytical report
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This publication is part of the project realised for the Polish Ministry of Sport and Tourism.
2014-11-20 Time for quality in vocational education
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The aim of this text is to summarise the key changes in the situation of vocational education graduates on the labour market in the last 25 years in Poland. It presents the main changes in vocational education and the sources of the observed problems, while ...
2013-09-26 Does gender matter for lifelong learning activity?
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Development and maintaining skills in a life course through various lifelong learning activities is crucial to sustain employability, particularly in the context of longer working lives and more competitive economic environment. In the paper we investigate the determinants and obstacles in lifelong learning from a ...
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