Grzegorz Koloch

author's publication list
2010-06-22 A Note on Aggregation of Heterogeneous Expectations in a New Keynesian Economy
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This paper discusses conditions for aggregation of heterogeneous expectations in a new-keynesian economy. I show that aggregation result depends on the way agents form cross-expectations, i.e. expectations on other agents’ decision variables, and I determine a maximal class of cross-expectations operators that support aggregation. Interpretation ...
2009-03-23 Shocks and rigidities as determinants of the CEE labor markets’ performance. A panel SVECM approach
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We analyze with panel SVECM the impact of real wage, productivity, labor demand and supply shocks on the eight CEE economies during 1996-2007. We use a set of long-run restrictions, derived from the DSGE model with explicitly modeled labor market, to identify these structural shocks. ...
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