Agnieszka Chłoń-Domińczak

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2017-03-09 Population ageing, labour market and public finance in Poland
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This publication is a collection of articles arranged by the Institute for Structural Research (IBS) for the "Population ageing, labour market and public finance in Poland" conference in Warsaw, 9th of March 2017. The conference was organised by the European Commission Representation in Poland in ...
2014-01-08 Women as a potential of the European labour force
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The aim of this paper is to investigate the problems and the best solutions to the challenge of increasing women's participation on the European labour market, to alleviate the consequences of the demographic changes and maintain the European welfare state. We intentionally focus on women's ...
2013-09-26 Does gender matter for lifelong learning activity?
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Development and maintaining skills in a life course through various lifelong learning activities is crucial to sustain employability, particularly in the context of longer working lives and more competitive economic environment. In the paper we investigate the determinants and obstacles in lifelong learning from a ...
2013-09-24 Female transition to retirement
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The European countries’ policies related to female participation in the labour market as well as approach to retirement ages have evolved in the course of the past two decades. This is the response to demographic, social and economic developments in Europe. After many decades of ...
2017-04-27 Measuring skills mismatches revisited – introducing sectoral approach
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Appropriate measuring of skills mismatches is necessary to create an adequate policy response. We analyse the existing evidence, in particular in large scale international surveys: Survey of Skills (PIAAC) and European Skills and Jobs Survey (ESJ). We find out that national, occupational and sectoral differences ...
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