Aneta Kiełczewska
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2017-03-09 Population ageing, labour market and public finance in Poland
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This publication is a collection of articles arranged by the Institute for Structural Research (IBS) for the "Population ageing, labour market and public finance in Poland" conference in Warsaw, 9th of March 2017. The conference was organised by the European Commission Representation in Poland in ...
2018-06-13 Energy poverty among households living in the detached houses in Poland
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The report has been prepared for the Polish Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Technology. Own study based on data from Statistics Poland. The Statistics Poland is not liable for the data and conclusions presented in the publication. All errors are ours. The usual disclaimers apply.
2019-07-18 Measuring energy poverty in Poland with the Multidimensional Energy Poverty Index
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Energy poverty is a complex problem that is generally caused by having a low income, having high energy costs, and/or living in a home with low energy efficiency. Various indicators capture these factors, but there is no consensus among researchers on which is the best ...
2019-01-22 Defining and measuring energy poverty in Poland
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The EU Member States are obliged to assess the scale of energy poverty in their respective national contexts. We propose a new definition of energy poverty in Poland, with different levels of specificity corresponding to the needs of different levels of administration. We also propose ...
2018-03-20 The “Family 500+” child allowance and female labour supply in Poland
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In 2016 the Polish government introduced a large new child benefit, called “Family 500+”, with the aim to increase fertility from a low level and reduce child poverty. The benefit is universal for the second and every further child and means-tested for the first child. ...
2017-01-24 Job retention among older workers in Central and Eastern Europe
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We study job retention rates – the shares of workers who continue to work in the same job over the next five years – in Czechia, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia. Job retention among older workers is key to prolonging careers and increasing employment of older ...
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