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2018-06-13 Energy poverty among households living in the detached houses in Poland
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The report has been prepared for the Polish Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Technology. Own study based on data from Statistics Poland. The Statistics Poland is not liable for the data and conclusions presented in the publication. All errors are ours. The usual disclaimers apply.
2018-04-24 The labour demand effects of residential building retrofits in Poland
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This paper analyses the potential direct impact of intensifying residential energy retrofitting on the Polish labour market. We distinguish eight building classes, for which we quantify the labour intensity of improvements to building insulation and heating systems. We account for work performed by low-, medium- ...
2018-01-27 How to reduce energy poverty in Poland?
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Project funded by the European Climate Foundation. Own study based on data from the Polish Household Budget Survey 2012–2016 by the Central Statistical Office. The Central Statistical Office is not liable for the data and conclusions presented in the publication. The content of this publication ...
2016-09-12 Heterogeneity of the fuel poor in Poland – quantification and policy implications
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The purpose of the paper is to quantify the heterogeneity of causes and symptoms of energy poverty in order to provide guidance for policies aimed at fuel poverty alleviation. We quantify the diversity of the households in Poland in terms of energy efficiency and income ...
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