Fuel poverty alleviation in Poland: turning evidence into action

10 November 2016

Based on the evidence of the fuel poverty in Poland we describe the policy options for alleviation fuel poverty. The current policy instruments are inefficient, incoherent and focus only on the reduction of the severity of the problem. Going beyond the diagnosis we present the best practices from selected countries. Furthermore, we run the simulations to show how to best target the public support for thermal insulation of buildings in order to eradicate the causes of fuel poverty and not only the symptoms. Finally, we propose merger and modification of existing instruments. Thanks to the proposed amendments and without an important increase of the costs, the efficiency and coherence of the policies will be hugely improved.

keywords: Fuel poverty, public policies, social assistance, microsimulation
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publication year: 2016
language: polish
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ISSN: 2451-4365
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Institute for Structural Research (IBS)

Instytut Badań Strukturalnych

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