Meeting of the European research network on energy poverty

October 3 2018
Jakub Sokołowski took part in the meeting of the ENGAGER network in Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina, 25.09).

European Energy Poverty: The Co-Creation and Knowledge Innovation Agenda – ENGAGER – is an international research network that brings together more than 150 experts working on energy poverty mitigation in more than 30 European countries. The aim of the initiative is to exchange knowledge and experience among scientists and practitioners dealing with the problem of energy poverty. The activities of the network are planned for 2017-2021, and its financing comes from the European cooperation program in the field of science and technology – COST. Among the members of the network there are several experts from Poland, and the management committee includes: prof. Iwona Sagan from the University of Gdańsk and Jakub Sokołowski from our Institute.

The meeting took place on 25th of September 2018 in Sarajevo. The participants of the network discussed the need to review the energy poverty indicators for efficient identification of energy poor households and to propose innovative support policies. ENGAGER members have planned future activities of the group, involving the organization of workshops for experts and issuing a policy paper.

During the discussions with representatives of local non-governmental organizations, Jakub Sokołowski (IBS) presented the need to properly define energy poverty and select the appropriate indicators. This could help create support policies for households affected by energy poverty in the Balkans. Representatives of the Bosnian NGOs and other members of the ENGAGER group were informed about the most important conclusions from recent IBS publications on energy poverty (→ see).

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