The results of a wage subsidy programme at the IZA workshop.
The IZA workshop "Inequality in Post-Transition and Emerging Economies" was organised by Hartmut Lehmann, Natalia Danzer, and Alexander Muravyev. Marta Placzyńska presented IBS's research findings.
IBS research results at the prestigious Remote Work Conference
The Conference covered new research on working from home, working from anywhere, and teleworking.
Working time flexibility, personality traits and gender pay gap – summing up the project with the National Science Centre
Why are women paid less than men, even if they work in the same place, in the same occupation, and have equal educational attainment? What are the gender norms that define our professional life decisions? These are the issues we have focused on for the last four years.
The PhD summer school of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation and Weizenbaum Institute
Zuzanna Kowalik joined the meeting organized by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation and Weizenbaum Institute for the Networked Society. It took place in September, in Berlin.
IBS paved the way for research fellowships for researchers remaining in Ukraine.
In the H2020 "TIPPING +" project, we established cooperation with two researchers from Ukraine. The cooperation was initiated by the Institute for Structural Research and resulted in all partners of the consortium funding scholarships for scientists from Ukraine.
“Youth emplyoment partnerSHIP” has been launched!
We launched our new project during a special session of the 2019 IBS and the World Bank Conference – Warsaw, January 16.
IBS research at COP24
We presented our research at COP24 in Katowice on the Polish coal industry, low-emissions transformation pathways, and energy poverty.
Risks associated with the decarbonisation of the Polish power system
Decarbonisation pathway will involve higher costs than the baseline pathway, but the electricity sector will emit half the CO2 by 2050. Read the key findings from the IBS report and seminar (28.11.).
10 years after the financial crisis – labour market adjustment in emerging and post-transition economies
At a workshop organized by IZA and Higher School of Economics in Moscow (11-12.10.), Iga Magda talked about wage inequality in Central and Eastern Europe.
Meeting of the European research network on energy poverty
Jakub Sokołowski took part in the meeting of the ENGAGER network in Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina, 25.09).
EU4Energy Policy Forum
On June 26 in Kyrgystan, Aleksander Szpor presented the Polish case study of coal transition.
IEW 2018 & CEF 2018
What is the short and long run response of energy demand to price changes? Presentations of Jan Witajewski-Baltvilks and Marek Antosiewicz at IEW 2018 & CEF 2018 (19-21.06.).
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