IBS research results at the prestigious Remote Work Conference

The Conference covered new research on working from home, working from anywhere, and teleworking.



The Remote Work Conference at Stanford University was organised by Jose Maria Barrero, Nick Bloom, Raj Choudhury, Steven Davis, Natalia Emanuel, and Emma Harrington. Twenty-two papers in the program covered a wide range of issues, from measuring the incidence of remote work to studying the effects of remote work on workers to evaluating its implications for cities and housing markets.


Piotr Lewandowski presented the paper "Mismatch in preferences for working from home – evidence from discrete choice experiments". The study, co-authored with Katarzyna Lipowska and Mateusz Smoter, is based on two discrete choice experiments with workers and employers in Poland. It shows a large discrepancy between the preferences of workers and employers regarding working from home. Workers highly value such an amenity, while managers are reluctant to hire people who want to work from home.


The conference was an in-person event, but it was streamed online. The presentation recordings, along with slides and papers, are available at the conference website https://www.remoteworkconference.org/

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