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Conference by the Croatian National Bank and the International Monetary Fund
“Demographics, Jobs and Growth: Navigating the Future in Central, Eastern and South-eastern Europe”, conference organised by the Croatian National Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) – July 15, Dubrovnik
Explaining international differences in the nature of work
Materials from IEAMS HKUST seminar, during which Piotr Lewandowski and Albert Park presented their new paper – Hong Kong, 25.04.
“Youth emplyoment partnerSHIP” has been launched!
We launched our new project during a special session of the 2019 IBS and the World Bank Conference – Warsaw, January 16.
IBS & The World Bank Conference
We invite you to our conference on globalization, work, and distributional tensions in Europe and Central Asia – Warsaw, January 16-17. Registration is now open!
Call for papers
We welcome the submission of papers to the conference organised by the IBS and the World Bank – Warsaw, 16-17 of January. Deadline for submission – November 18.
10 years after the financial crisis – labour market adjustment in emerging and post-transition economies
At a workshop organized by IZA and Higher School of Economics in Moscow (11-12.10.), Iga Magda talked about wage inequality in Central and Eastern Europe.
EALE 2018
Our research at the 30th Annual Conference of the European Association of Labour Economists in Lyon (France) – 13-15.09.
Job retention among older workers
IBS Working Paper has been published in the Baltic Journal of Economics.
The World Labor Conference 2018
IBS research was presented at the IZA World Labor Conference in Berlin.
How does technology change the nature of work?
The materials from the seminar organised by WB, MPiT & IBS (Warsaw, June 25).
Working parents are more likely to invest time into children
Iga Magda and Roma Keister presented IBS research at the European Population Conference – EPC 2018 (Brussels, June 6-9).
The Polish launch of the World Bank report Growing United: Upgrading Europe’s Convergence Machine
Join the discussion about the technological change and labour markets in Europe – June 25th, Warsaw.
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