“Youth emplyoment partnerSHIP” has been launched!

February 1 2019
We launched our new project during a special session of the 2019 IBS and the World Bank Conference – Warsaw, January 16.

“Youth Employment PartnerSHIP” was inaugarated during a special session of the IBS and the World Bank Conference „Globalization, work, and distributional tensions in Europe and Central Asia”. Guests from governmental agencies, PES offices, as well as NGOs working with youth, listened to Iga Magda’s introductory remarks and three presentations on the subject of youth employment.

Iga Magda introduced the “Youth Employment PartnerSHIP”, funded by the EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Youth Employment, and named the partners implementing the project. She then described the main goals of the “Youth Employment PartherSHIP”:

  • evaluating employment initiatives targeting youth in Spain, Hungary, Italy and Poland;
  • promoting policy evaluation and the use of administrative data in policy evaluation;
  • creating a transnational research network on youth employment policies;
  • disseminating policy lessons, as well as best practices to policymakers and NGOs.

Next,researchers from institutions implementing the project presented the newest research on youth employment in the European labour market. Lucia Gorjon (University of the Basque Country), Astrid Kunze(Norwegian School of Economics) and Francesco Trentini (University of Torino) delivered presentations on the impact of a minimum income scheme in Spain, flexible hours for young mother as well as traps of being a temp in Italy.

Summary and materials from the event are available here.

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