10 years after the financial crisis – labour market adjustment in emerging and post-transition economies

October 18 2018
At a workshop organized by IZA and Higher School of Economics in Moscow (11-12.10.), Iga Magda talked about wage inequality in Central and Eastern Europe.

The workshop entitled “2nd IZA/HSE Workshop: Ten Years after the Financial Crisis – Labor Market Adjustment in Emerging and Post-Transition Economies” has been organised in Moscow on 11-12 October by IZA (Bonn, Germany) and Higher School of Economics (Moscow, Russia). Economists specialised in labour markets in the Central and Eastern Europe and Asia discussed, among others, wage and income inequality, changes in employment, unemployment and the structure of labour demand and supply.

Iga Magda, vice president of our Institute, presented the research results on changes in wage inequality in Central and Eastern Europe. She has shown that wage inequality decreased in most of the countries in the region between 2006 and 2014. The results also show that the differences in the variance of wages among the CEE countries are driven mostly by differences in the size of the between-firm wage inequality, while the levels of within-firm wage inequality are more similar across the countries. The study will be published soon as an IBS Working Paper.

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