Gender wage differences: a cohort analysis

realization time: 06.2014 - 12.2018

The objective is to analyze the determinants of wage disparities between men and women in different age groups and from the firm-level perspective. We will investigate whether the determinants of wage gaps vary among women and men of different ages and whether this relationship is different for a better / worse earners . We also want to verify whether and how the wage gap can be shaped by the company-level policies – in particular, how big is in these companies, which are managed by women .


The project was financed by the National Science Center awarded based on the number of decision- DEC – 2013/10 / E / HS4 / 00445.


10 years after the financial crisis – labour market adjustment in emerging and post-transition economies
At a workshop organized by IZA and Higher School of Economics in Moscow (11-12.10.), Iga Magda talked about wage inequality in Central and Eastern Europe.
EALE 2018
Our research at the 30th Annual Conference of the European Association of Labour Economists in Lyon (France) – 13-15.09.
Conference WIEM 2018
IBS presentations at the Warsaw International Economic Meeting 2018 (June 3-5).
The World Labor Conference 2018
IBS research was presented at the IZA World Labor Conference in Berlin.
Materials from WIEM 2017
Our presentations from Warsaw International Economic Meeting (WIEM) 2017 are now available.
2019-01-31 Gender wage gap in the workplace: Does the age of the firm matter?
authors:    /   / 
We contribute to the literature on firm-level determinants of gender wage inequalities by studying the link between a firm’s age and the size of its gender pay gap. Using European Structure of Earnings data for eight European countries, we find that in all of these ...
2018-12-12 Do female managers help to lower within-firm gender pay gaps? Public institutions vs. private enterprises
authors:    /   / 
We analyse the link between the presence of female managers and the size of the firm-level gender pay gap. We look separately at the private and public sector, basing on a large linked employer-employee dataset for Poland. Using a non-parametric and parametric decompositions, we find ...
persons from IBS
Iga Magda
vice president of the board
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