Job retention among older workers

September 11 2018
IBS Working Paper has been published in the Baltic Journal of Economics.

Wojciech Hardy, Aneta Kiełczewska, Piotr Lewandowski and Iga Magda from our Institute studied job retention rates – the shares of workers who continue to work in the same job over the next five years – in Czechia, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia. The retention rates among workers aged 55-59 are low as they amount to about a half of the retention rates among prime aged workers. Between 1998 and 2013 the retention rates of older workers have increased in Poland, Czechia and Slovakia and decreased slightly in Hungary. We find that women with lower educational level, individuals in industry, those in medium or low-skilled occupations and those living with a non-working partner – were least likely to retain their jobs after the age of 60.

The article is available on Baltic Journal of Economics website:

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