Thematic Review 2023: Fair Transition Towards Climate Neutrality.
Thematic Review 2023: Fair Transition Towards Climate Neutrality.
The IBS team was responsible for preparing contributions to The European Commission's 2023 Thematic Review " Fair Transition Towards Climate Neutrality ". Our report concerned the situation in Poland.
A book edited by Piotr Lewandowski
Tasks, Skills, and Institutions – just published book edited by Piotr Lewandowski available as open-access
Piotr Lewandowski is a co-editor of Tasks, Skills, and Institutions - The Changing Nature of Work and Inequality, a book in WIDER Studies in Development Economics published by Oxford University Press.
Energy poverty in łódzkie voivodeship – research report available!
The purpose of the research was to estimate the scale and describe the characteristics of energy poverty in łódzkie voivodeship, along with recommendations for institutions implementing public policy addressed to the energy-poor households.
‘Perspectives on Energy Poverty in Post-Communist Europe’ with a chapter authored by IBS experts
The co-authors of a chapter that focuses on Poland are Jakub Sokołowski and Piotr Lewandowski.
Policies to Ensure Access to Affordable Housing – report
In many developed countries, housing affordability has become a focal point of discussions about housing policy as rental costs/house prices have increased relative to household incomes and the affordability situation and housing conditions have deteriorated.
Job retention among older workers
IBS Working Paper has been published in the Baltic Journal of Economics.
Just transition in coal sector is feasible
The summary report of the Coal Transitions project – analysis for China, India, South Africa, Australia, Germany and Poland.
Working parents are more likely to invest time into children
Iga Magda and Roma Keister presented IBS research at the European Population Conference – EPC 2018 (Brussels, June 6-9).
Buildings thermal retrofit and labour demand
Piotr Lewandowski, Katarzyna Sałach and Konstancja Ziółkowska estimated the labour demand required to meet the targets of anti-smog resolutions in two Polish voivodships (śląskie and małopolskie).
Social protection for workers with civil law contracts
Main findings from the European Commission case study for Poland written by Piotr Lewandowski & IBS team.
Transformation of the Polish coal sector
Aleksander Szpor and Konstancja Ziółkowska provide the overview of the Polish coal mining sector transformation since the 1990s until 2015 – IISD report.
The labour market in Poland, 2000−2016
New IZA World of Labor on recent labour market developments in Poland, by Piotr Lewandowski and Iga Magda.
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