Thematic Review 2023: Fair Transition Towards Climate Neutrality.

October 31 2023
The IBS team was responsible for preparing contributions to The European Commission's 2023 Thematic Review " Fair Transition Towards Climate Neutrality ". Our report concerned the situation in Poland.

The European Commission’s 2023 Thematic Review “Fair Transition Towards Climate Neutrality” was released mid-October. The IBS team contributions to the report included:

  • research findings and knowledge gaps regarding the impact of energy transition on the economy, with particular emphasis on green jobs,
  • actions taken to enhance qualifications in response to the projected increase in demand for work in green jobs,
  • activities related to social dialogue, focusing on working conditions concerning the need for adaptation to climate change.

Our contributions were prepared based on the synthesis of research results and strategic documents. We have also interviewed trade union and labour market institutions representatives.

The main findings of the report regarding the situation in Poland indicate that:

  • The public debate on the scale and profiles of jobs created and eliminated due to the energy transition is limited. It is also primarily focused on coal mining and the energy sector. Existing studies provide employment forecasts based on a social agreement negotiated in the dialogue between the government and mining trade unions. Considering their multiplier effects, we identified the need for empirical research and employment forecasts in other energy-intensive sectors.
  • The Polish government has defined green jobs in a technical document related to the criteria for applying for the Labor Fund’s reserve. However, estimates regarding the scale of green jobs are lacking beyond the general number specified in the Energy Policy of Poland until 2040 and narrow sectoral studies (concerning selected sectors, e.g., offshore wind energy). Consequently, we have identified a knowledge deficit in the structure of green jobs. There is insufficient data about offered work conditions and employment of persons with disabilities in green jobs. As well as labour law provisions related to climate change adaptation.
  • Actions related to energy transformation are dispersed among various ministries. Positive practices in policy development coordination come from Upper Silesia and Eastern Greater Poland. The regional authorities have conducted a dialogue on the future of coal regions. They have also supported initial pilot actions focused on upskilling and reskilling and providing alternatives to energy-intensive industries.

The report, containing conclusions from all EU countries, is available on the European Commission website. Jan Frankowski, Joanna Mazurkiewicz, Jakub Sokołowski, and Piotr Lewandowski participated in these efforts.

Thematic Review 2023: Fair Transition Towards Climate Neutrality.
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