Inclusive energy transformation – seminar in Jadwisin 2022
Jakub Sokołowski took part in the Conference organized by the Association of Municipalities Polish Network „Energie Cités” (May 19-20, 2022).
Explaining international differences in the nature of work
Materials from IEAMS HKUST seminar, during which Piotr Lewandowski and Albert Park presented their new paper – Hong Kong, 25.04.
How does technology change the nature of work?
The materials from the seminar organised by WB, MPiT & IBS (Warsaw, June 25).
Videos from the IBS seminars
Is high inequality an issue in Poland? What is the labour market impact of the 500+ child benefit?
Public policy against energy poverty in Poland. Possible interventions and their social impact
On January 30, we will organise a seminar on energy poverty and buildings’ retrofit in Poland. Together with experts we will discuss how to increase energy efficiency in the context of improving air quality in Poland.
2-days IBS debate
We kindly invite you for 2 international seminars about the economic inequalities in Poland and the impact of “Family 500+” benefit on the labour market – October 23-24, 2017, Warsaw.
OECD Economic Survey of Poland 2016
On March 23, there was held a seminar on newly-published OECD Economic Survey 2016 for Poland. The seminar was organized by the OECD together with our Institute. We invite you to read the presentation materials.
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