Public policy against energy poverty in Poland. Possible interventions and their social impact

January 9 2018
On January 30, we will organise a seminar on energy poverty and buildings’ retrofit in Poland. Together with experts we will discuss how to increase energy efficiency in the context of improving air quality in Poland.

The problem of energy poverty concerns 4.6 million people in Poland, mainly residents of rural areas and small towns (2016). This means that every eighth inhabitant of Poland has a problem with heating their apartment in winter (12.2% of the population). Currently there are no policy instruments in Poland which address those who face energy poverty, but the problem is receiving increased attention, especially in the context of improving air quality. The aim of the seminar is to discuss the possible policy interventions based on research results.

Detailed agenda is available on the conference website → see.


The seminar will be held on January 30th, 2018 in Zielna Conference Centre (Zielna 37 Str., Warsaw – 6th floor, Europa room). The seminar language is Polish (despite of Ute Dubois and Laura Düpré presentations).

The registration is closed.

The seminar is financially supported by the European Climate Foundation (“Energy poverty” project and “Labour market impact of building energy retrofit in Poland” project).

The seminar will be the third event organised by IBS about energy poverty in Poland. Previous events: Fuel poverty in Poland – from theory to practice (11.2016) and New perspective on inequalities and poverty in Poland (12.2015).

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