New perspective on inequalities and poverty in Poland




IBS seminar about newest results of the research about energy poverty in Poland. Phenomenon had concerned 6.4 million people in 2013.
Institute for Structural Research has organized seminar aimed at deepening the knowledge on inequality and poverty in Poland, with particular emphasis on new dimensions of deprivation - energy poverty - and the role of tax and transfer policies. Agata Miazga (IBS) and Dominik Owczarek (ISP) presented the concept to define and measure poverty in Poland and to explain the differences between income poverty and energy poverty. Maciej Lis (IBS) presented the results of micro-simulation model to shed light on how to effectively counteract energy poverty. In addition, Michał Brzeziński (WNE UW) and Michał Myck (CENEA) presented the results of their research on the impact of fiscal and social policies on the incomes of different socio-economic groups and income inequality in Poland.   The seminar ended with a panel discussion involving researchers (prof. Elżbieta Tarkowska - IFiS APS, prof. Ryszard Szarfenberg - IPS UW, EAPN Poland), representatives of administration (Arkadiusz Szymański - Department of Energy Ministry of Economy) and NGO (Magdalena Ruszkowska-Cieślak - Habitat for Humanity).   Discussion was hosted by Mrs Katarzyna Karpa-Świderek (TVN).
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