How does technology change the nature of work?

June 28 2018
The materials from the seminar organised by WB, MPiT & IBS (Warsaw, June 25).

At the seminar we discussed about about technology, globalisation and labour markets in Europe. At the beginning Christian Bodewig (The World Bank) presented the report “Growing United: Upgrading Europe’s Convergence Machine” . He showed that technological change is making jobs more intensive in non-routine cognitive tasks. Next,  Piotr Lewandowski (IBS) presented new IBS Policy Paper “How does technology change the nature of work? Poland vs. the EU” with in-depth analysis of the change in the nature of work in Poland. At the end, Beata Lubos from the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Technology compared the World Bank and IBS results with the Polish Strategy of Productivity which is being prepared by the Ministry.

The presentations and summary are available on the seminar website.

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