The policy guide on data transparency is out!

November 17 2023
Zuzanna Kowalik is one of the co-authors shaping the narrative within the policy guide on data transparency.

This comprehensive guide articulates innovative concepts for organisations to harness data responsibly and delineates the critical components of effective transparency policies. The overarching goal of the guide is to not only inform but also invigorate the ongoing debate, particularly in light of imminent regulations on the deployment of artificial intelligence (AI) in workplaces, notably the Platform Work Directive.

The guide emerges as a tangible outcome of a robust multistakeholder exchange. Over an intensive two-month period, a diverse array of participants, including companies, trade unions, researchers, international organisations, and various stakeholders, actively engaged in task force discussions organised within the framework of the Reshaping Work Dialogue. This inclusive initiative served as a platform for concerned parties to articulate their perspectives, fostering negotiation and dialogue on these pivotal issues. By facilitating a dynamic exchange of views, the guide enriches the discourse surrounding data transparency and responsible AI deployment, contributing meaningfully to the evolving landscape of workplace technology.


You may find the guide here

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