IBS is a proud member of the Reshaping Work Dialogue

October 2 2023
Reshaping Work, headquartered in Amsterdam, emerged in 2016 with a visionary mission to adjust and monitor work conditions to a fast changing environment.

The foundation works to convene a diverse spectrum of entities, such as companies, startups, trade unions, researchers, policymakers, and other pertinent stakeholders. This collective effort is aimed at delving into the future of work and collaboratively devising strategies to influence its trajectory. The foundation actively curates events, produces insightful videos, and disseminates thought-provoking blogs on the evolving work landscape. This multifaceted approach captivates and involves thought leaders and practitioners from various sectors.

In addition, Reshaping Work collaborates with research entities, formulating policy recommendations through practical guides and toolboxes. The organisation boasts a formidable network of over 60 Partner Organizations. Their events have attracted remarkable attendance, with over 30,000 participants contributing to the discussions shaping the future of work.

IBS is poised to become an active participant in the Reshaping Work network. We are particularly enthusiastic about our involvement in the workstreams dedicated to platform work and the talent economy. These areas align seamlessly with our commitment to advancing innovative and sustainable work practices.

About reshaping work Dialogue, you can read here

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