The results of a wage subsidy programme at the IZA workshop.

November 4 2022
The IZA workshop "Inequality in Post-Transition and Emerging Economies" was organised by Hartmut Lehmann, Natalia Danzer, and Alexander Muravyev. Marta Placzyńska presented IBS's research findings.

The program included twenty-two presentations on a wide range of topics, from measuring inequalities and their evolution over time to evaluation of labour market policies and analysis of social norms’ impact on gender inequalities.

Marta Palczyńska presented the paper “The employment effects of a wage subsidy for the young during an economic recovery”, co-authored with Astrid Kunze and Iga Magda. The study analyses the effects of the wage subsidy programme for people under 30, “Work for Young”, in Poland, using administrative data from public employment services. The programme increased the probability of employment among eligible women but had no impact on the situation of eligible men.

The seminar was held online. Its program is available here:

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