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realization time: 01.2017-12.2017

The series of four public policy seminars and the “IBS Jobs Conference 2017” was organised during the project.

The series of four public policy seminars addressed the issues of the labour market, social policy and the impact of the energy market changes on society. During the seminars, experts from Poland and abroad presented the results of the current research and their policy implications and recommendations.

The “IBS Jobs Conference 2017” focused on the most important issues related to the labour market, skills, regulations and income inequalities. Speakers included academics as well as practitioners and policy makers from Poland and abroad. The main goals of the conference were:

  • dissemination of Polish research abroad,
  • the participation of Polish researchers in crucial research and development projects carried out by leading world institutions and research centres,
  • presentation of research on Poland conducted by the Institute for Structural Research (IBS).


The project was financially supported by the Minister of Science and Higher Education in Poland from resources for science dissemination (No. 892/P-DUN/2017).

IBS Academic Committee, Coordination:
Piotr Lewandowski, Iga Magda, Jan Witajewski-Baltvilks, Wojciech Hardy
Event organisation:
Magdalena Wojtuch-Krasuska, Agata Miazga, Justyna Łapińska
Beata Kwiatkowska, Agata Miazga

Videos from the IBS seminars
Is high inequality an issue in Poland? What is the labour market impact of the 500+ child benefit?
2017 Jobs Conference – materials
On December 6-7 we organised the international conference about labour market. The summary and presentations from the event are available on our website.
2017 IBS Jobs Conference – registration for participants
9 sessions about different aspects of labour economics, over 20 presentations, researchers from all over the world. We publish the detailed conference agenda.
“Family 500+” benefit and women on the labour market – materials
The materials from the international IBS seminar on the female labour force participation in Poland and the impact of the “Family 500+” programme on the labour supply of women (Oct 24, Warsaw).
(Un)equal wages, incomes and wealth in Poland?
The presentations and summary of the IBS seminar about economic inequality in Poland (Oct 23, Warsaw).
Risks of low-carbon transition in Poland – materials
We present the short summary of the seminar organised by our Institute on October 12.
2017 IBS Jobs Conference – call for papers
We are proud to announce the 2017 IBS Jobs Conference, which will take place on December 6-7, 2017 in Warsaw. The call for papers will last until October 29.
2-days IBS debate
We kindly invite you for 2 international seminars about the economic inequalities in Poland and the impact of “Family 500+” benefit on the labour market – October 23-24, 2017, Warsaw.
persons from IBS
Iga Magda
vice president of the board
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Piotr Lewandowski
president of the board
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Magdalena Wojtuch-Krasuska
managing director
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