2017 IBS Jobs Conference - registration for participants

9 sessions about different aspects of labour economics, over 20 presentations, researchers from all over the world. We publish the detailed conference agenda.

The main focus of the conference will be on population ageing, technology, the distribution of skills and tasks, and inequalities in the labour markets. Technology progress and demographic change affect labour markets around the world. They influence the structure of labour demand and labour supply, may drive skill mismatches and can aggravate inequalities in wages, income and job quality. The conference aims to deepen the understanding of how these phenomena shape the labour markets around the world and what policies could be formed to address the resulting challenges.

The conference will cover the following issues:

  • Technology and its effects on the global division of work
  • Structural change and occupational change
  • Demand for skills and tasks
  • Population ageing and its impact on labour markets
  • Wage inequalities and gender gaps

The conference will have an international focus and will gather researchers and policy-makers from around the world. The event will also facilitate the exchange of ideas between the researchers in these topics.

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The conference will be held on December 6-7 in Golden Floor Plaza Conference Centre (al. Jerozolimskie 123A) in Warsaw (Poland). The conference language is English (with partial simultaneous translations). Participation in the conference is free.

Please confirm your participation at https://2017ibsjobsconference.konfeo.com by December 1.


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