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2018-01-27 How to reduce energy poverty in Poland?
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Project funded by the European Climate Foundation. Own study based on data from the Polish Household Budget Survey 2012–2016 by the Central Statistical Office. The Central Statistical Office is not liable for the data and conclusions presented in the publication. The content of this publication ...
2017-10-10 Is Poland a welfare state?
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I would like to thank Jan Rutkowski for his helpful comments and remarks. The content of this publication reflects the opinions of the author, which may diverge from the position of the Institute for Structural Research. The usual disclaimers apply. Independent study based on Eurostat ...
2017-06-20 Is high inequality an issue in Poland?
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The author would like to thank Beata Kwiatkowska, Piotr Lewandowski and Jan Rutkowski for their helpful comments and remarks. The usual disclaimers apply. Independent study based on Eurostat data. Eurostat has no responsibility for the results and the conclusions. The content of this publication reflects ...
2016-11-10 Fuel poverty alleviation in Poland: turning evidence into action
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Based on the evidence of the fuel poverty in Poland we describe the policy options for alleviation fuel poverty. The current policy instruments are inefficient, incoherent and focus only on the reduction of the severity of the problem. Going beyond the diagnosis we present the ...
2016-06-20 A routine transition? Causes and consequences of the changing content of jobs in Central and Eastern Europe
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In this paper, we study the shift from manual to cognitive work in 10 economies of Central and Eastern Europe. We highlight the growth in the non-routine cognitive component of jobs, but pay particular attention to the increase in routine cognitive tasks, a trend that ...
2016-04-04 Public finance in Poland – evolution, characteristics and perspectives
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The study is a description of public finance in Poland made by comparing the most important features of this sector in Poland and Central and Eastern European countries, European Union and OECD in the period 2004-2014. The following topics are discussed: scope of the public ...
2016-01-20 Energy poverty in Poland – buzzword or a real problem?
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This publication presents the main arguments for the recognition of energy poverty as an important issue that deserves separate treatment in research and policies on poverty in general. For this purpose, references have been made to worldwide literature and to first definition, as well as ...
2015-01-20 Opening up opportunities: education reforms in Poland
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Poland is one of the few European countries that achieved strong improvement of student performance over the last decade. According to the OECD PISA results Poland moved from below to above the OECD average and now is close to top-performing countries. The score improvements are ...
2014-12-18 Computers at schools: it’s not enough to have them and it’s not enough to use them
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In this policy paper we discussed a broad range of topics covering student access to computers at home and school, different uses of computers for learning and the impact of ICT use on different groups of students. Introducing computers into schools generates both new opportunities ...
2014-12-17 Agricultural development and structural change
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The paper advocates public support for the development of agriculture as a way to facilitate structural change in developing countries. In the first chapter we describe the global transformation in agriculture that has taken place over last few decades. Despite fast population growth, the growth ...
2014-11-20 Time for quality in vocational education
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The aim of this text is to summarise the key changes in the situation of vocational education graduates on the labour market in the last 25 years in Poland. It presents the main changes in vocational education and the sources of the observed problems, while ...
2014-10-20 Dual labour markets, minimum wage and inequalities
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This brief is a summary of the „2014 Conference on dual labour markets, minimum wage and inequalities” which took place in Warsaw. It briefly discusses the main causes of labour market duality in the developed countries, consequences of duality and some of the policy implications ...
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