Family policy transfers and female labour supply

realization time: 04.2017-03.2018

The objective of the project was to investigate the potential effects of the government programme “Family 500+” on the labour market, in particular the female participation and employment rates.

The project was joint work with the OECD.

project coordinator:
Iga Magda
Aneta Kiełczewska

Conference WIEM 2018
IBS presentations at the Warsaw International Economic Meeting 2018 (June 3-5).
Videos from the IBS seminars
Is high inequality an issue in Poland? What is the labour market impact of the 500+ child benefit?
“Family 500+” benefit and women on the labour market – materials
The materials from the international IBS seminar on the female labour force participation in Poland and the impact of the “Family 500+” programme on the labour supply of women (Oct 24, Warsaw).
2-days IBS debate
We kindly invite you for 2 international seminars about the economic inequalities in Poland and the impact of “Family 500+” benefit on the labour market – October 23-24, 2017, Warsaw.
2018-03-20 The “Family 500+” child allowance and female labour supply in Poland
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In 2016 the Polish government introduced a large new child benefit, called “Family 500+”, with the aim to increase fertility from a low level and reduce child poverty. The benefit is universal for the second and every further child and means-tested for the first child. ...
persons from IBS
Iga Magda
vice president of the board
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