The aim of the project is to evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of support for young people implemented under I Priority Axis of the Operational Programme Knowledge Education Development (KED). The project will base on quantitative surveys of support participants and qualitative interviews' of support coordinators. The data will be used to calculate the efficiency indicators, including net effectiveness, that are required by the European Commission. The project will examine the impact of support for youth on their participation in various forms of education, training and employment. Additionally, the quality of offers of employment, internships and training will be assessed. The cost effectiveness of support will calculated. The study will consist of three modules. Module I will refer to the calculation of efficiency indicators in accordance with EC guidelines. This module will be conducted on an annual basis. Module II will consist of two thematic studies, which will raise questions of quality and accuracy of support received by young people in respect to their needs. The module III will consist of counterfactual study assessing the net effectiveness of activation measures.


The project is realized on behalf of Polish Ministry of Development. The project will be realized in years 2015-2020.

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