The Impact of the Support Offered to Young People under the Operational Programme Knowledge Education Development. The First Thematic Study

17 May 2016

The purpose of this report is to evaluate, in terms of subjects and quality, the support provided to young people under the Operational Programme Knowledge, Education, and Development (OP KED). In 2012, in response to young people’s problems with smooth transition from education to employment, the European Commission offered the idea of the Youth Guarantee (YG). It means ensuring good-quality offers for a job, continued education, apprenticeship or traineeship for people under 25 within 4 months of their leaving formal education or becoming unemployed. One of the main tools for implementing YG in Poland is the priority axis I OP KED using the funds provided by the European Social Fund and the Youth Employment Initiative (YEI). It will include assistance for a total of approx. 742,000 young people with the total financial support amounting to approx. PLN 8.6 billion. The support will be provided both under non-competitive projects to be implemented by public labour market institutions (Poviat Labour Offices and Voluntary Labour Corps) and under competitions organised by Province Voivodship Employment Offices and the Ministry of Family, Labour, and Social Policy.

The activities under evaluation were targeted at persons aged 15-29 who neither work nor participate in formal education. In the scope covered by this study, the support is provided by labour market institutions: Poviat Labour Offices (PLO) and Voluntary Labour Corps (VLC). PLOs reach registered unemployed aged 18-29, whereas VLCs reach youth aged 15-24 who neither work nor receive education. Moreover, within OP KED the competitive projects conducted by other (not public) labour market institutions will be also provided; however, because of preliminary stage of implementation of this type of project, the number of participants of this project group is so low that it makes impossible to consider them in this report

keywords: effectiveness of labour market intervention, active labour market policies, NEET youth
JEL codes: 
publication year: 2015
language: polish
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Additional information:

This report was published under the project “Evaluation of support provided for young people under the Operational Programme Knowledge Education Development (OP KED)” commissioned by the Polish Ministry of Investment and Economic Development, financed from the European Social Fund. The project is realised by the consortium: Institute for Structural Research (IBS), IMAPP and IQS.

Projects related to this publication:

Institute for Structural Research (IBS), Warsaw School of Economics (SGH)

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