Current projects
Minimum hours constraints and labour supply of older workers
The aim of the project is to understand the main reasons why firms require employees to work full-time and to quantify impact of this constraint on the total labour supply of older workers.
Mechanisms of supporting environmental fees in Poland
This project aims to assess the people’s preferences regarding the acceptance and redistribution of environmental fees in Poland.
Distributional Impact of Carbon Pricing in Central and Eastern Europe
The project studies the effects of the increasing carbon costs in the EU on the economically vulnerable groups of final energy consumers. It focuses on four East-European EU member states (Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, and Romania) – with higher-than-EU-average levels of fossil fuels dependence in their economic systems, and higher-than-EU-average energy poverty levels.
Designing the law implementing the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities
The project consists of the preparation of a draft law implementing the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD). It obliges the states-parties to take all actions to implement the provisions and monitor their implementation, as well as to disseminate its provisions to raise awareness of citizens, including those with disabilities.
Our goal in UNTANGLED is to examine the impact of globalisation, technological transformations and demographic change on labour markets in the European Union, and to recommend policies that will contribute to shared prosperity.
Employment and wages in the public sector in Poland
The aim of the project is to review recent developments in public wage bill in Poland and to identify factors that may influence its changes in the future.
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