The aim of the project is to define various challenges Poland is facing with regard to the growing importance of new technologies in social and economic life. The project encompasses a diagnosis of the current situation, its causes, the available paths of development and solution proposals to potential problems. The interdisciplinary approach of the project allows to demonstrate the interdependence between social phenomena and economic situation of the country in the context of digitization.

The publications will focus on subjects related to research areas of IBS and scientific interests of the employees of the Institute. Currently, the studies relate mainly to the following:

  • Changing patterns of participation in culture in the presence of new technologies - an attempt to capture the essence of the change. Does the increased availability of cultural goods contribute to broader participation in culture?
  • Digitization and social cohesion - the relationship between the dissemination of new technologies and social exclusion is ambiguous. Research problems in this area concern, the one hand on the digital exclusion of different population groups (e.g. seniors, people in poverty) and on the other the potential breaking down of social barriers by implementing new technologies in education, citizen participation and health care on the other.

Project implemented continuously by IBS.

persons from IBS