Current projects
The relationship between working from home, job quality and psychological well-being
The project aims to explore the links between working from home, job quality and psychological well-being.
Energy poverty of women in Poland
The project aims to recognise Poland's gendered energy poverty patterns and enable more effective implementation of public policy measures to tackle energy poverty.
Paths2Include – European Labour Markets under Pressure. New Knowledge on Pathways to Include Persons in Vulnerable Situations.
The Paths2Include project aims to understand the different forms of discrimination in European labour markets and to increase the employment opportunities of people at risk of exclusion from the labour market.
WeLaR – Welfare systems and labour market policies for economic and social resilience in Europe
The project aims to present proposals for creating social welfare and labour market policies that will respond to the changes taking place under the influence of megatrends - digitisation, globalisation, climate change and demographic change - in labour markets and welfare state systems in Europe.
GeNLaMO – Gender norms and labour market outcomes.
The project analyses the relationship between social gender norms and decisions about labour market participation and childcare.
ENBLOC – Enabling energy transition in postsocialist housing cooperatives
The project aims to assess the adaptive capacity of housing cooperatives in internalising energy transition based on the example of Poland and Czechia.
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