Archive projects
Identification of social groups and entities affected by energy poverty, transport exclusion with support strategy recommendations
The project aimed to synthesise data on social groups and entities vulnerable to fuel and energy price increases within the context of Social Climate Fund support
Labour force indirectly affected by coal mine closures
The aim of the project is to estimate and map the workforce employed in the Polish coal mines as well as the workforce employed by their subcontractors, indirectly affected by the coal transition in three regions: Silesia, Greater Poland, and Lower Silesia.
Committed father from the beginning!
Institute for Structural Research and Share the Care are implementing workshops at birth schools for couples.
Guidelines for the Upper Silesian Territorial Just Transition Plan
The aim of the project was to provide analytical support and recommendations helpful in preparation of the Territorial Just Transition Plan as well as other strategic documents supporting low-carbon development pathway in the Upper Silesia Region.
Energy poverty and health
The aim of the project is to assess the relationship between energy poverty and health. We will use a field study in Tychy and Ruda Śląska. Our project is one of the first studies in Poland that combines data on health and energy use in households.
Labour market in the Śląskie Voivodeship and climate neutrality in 2050
The aim of the project is to assess the impact of achieving climate neutrality on the labour market in the Śląskie Voivodeship. A just transformation of the Silesia region is crucial for reducing emissions of the energy sector and minimizing the social costs of this process.
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