Minimum hours constraints and labour supply of older workers

realization time: 08.2022 – 07.2024

The aim of the project is to understand the main reasons why firms require employees to work full-time and to quantify impact of this constraint on the total labour supply of older workers.

Older workers have a relatively high preference for part-time employment. However, many of them are overemployed, that is, they work more hours than they would prefer to. Some of the overemployed workers decide to exit the labour market. The employees’ inability to reduce their working hours is explained by restrictions imposed by the employers (a so-called minimum hours constraint).

Understanding the causes and the effects of minimum hours constraints will help to shape part-time employment regulations, taking into account their impact on businesses.


This project has received funding from the National Science Centre, Poland.
(SONATA -17; agreement no.  2021/43/D/HS4/00423).


2024-01-24 Minimum Hours Constraints: The Role of Organizational Culture
authors:    /   / 
We develop a model in which minimum hours constraints (MHC) arise due to both the characteristics of the production function and managerial attitudes. The importance of the organizational culture can be deduced from the correlation between the MHC faced by core task personnel and administrative ...
2023-11-23 Part-time Employment Opportunities and Labour Supply of Older Workers
authors:    / 
I investigate the links between part-time employment opportunities and older workers' labour supply adjustments, focusing on the extensive and intensive margins. Utilising data from 30 European countries from 2011 to 2021, I construct a quasi-panel that compares individuals aged 60-64 with those aged 55-59 from ...
persons from IBS
Maciej Albinowski
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