The project aimed at assessing the importance of cultural and creative sectors in Polish economy by calculating the value added and employment in both sectors.


The project developed the results of study "Economic Importance of the Cultural Industries" conducted by the Institute for Structural Research (IBS) in 2010 and commissioned by the National Centre of Culture. In the 2010 project we measured cultural and creative sectors using data collected of different sources. The results of the project were used in the diagnosis of "Social Capital Development Strategy 2020".


The realization of the recent project allowed:

  • to estimate the size of cultural and creative sectors in Poland,
  • to compare the size of these sectors with other economic sectors in Poland,
  • to show regional differences  of sectors size,
  • to present changes in sectors size over time (compared to the 2010 results).


This project has received funding from the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland.



coordinator: Iga Magda

coordinator: Piotr Lewandowski

economist: Jan Baran

economist: Wojciech Hardy

contact :

persons from IBS