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2015-06-30 Who will be affected by rising energy prices? Map of energy expenditures of Poles
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The need to satisfy the energy consumption needs in view of the rising energy prices will lead to reductions of other expenditure by some household groups. Data published by Eurostat indicate that energy prices in Poland, expressed in euros, are low, but in comparison to ...
2015-06-29 Do entrants take it all? The evolution of task content of jobs in Poland
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In this paper we analyse changes in the task content of jobs in Poland between 1996 and 2014. We follow the Autor, Levy & Murnane (2003) and Acemoglu and Autor (2011) approach using the O*NET 2003 and 2014 data and Polish LFS at 4-digit occupation ...
2015-05-31 Labour market segmentation and pensions in the Polish defined-contribution scheme
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In this paper we apply a cohort model of the pension scheme to analyse the impact of labour market segmentation, in particular the use of contracts on mandate, on expected retirement benefits in Poland. Heterogeneity of labour force and impact of differences in years of ...
2015-03-19 Lower coverage but stronger unions? Institutional changes and union wage premia in central Europe
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In this paper Iga Magda (Warsaw School of Economics and Institute for Structural Research (IBS)), David Marsden (Centre for Economic Performance, London School of Economics and Political Science) and Simone Moriconi (Dipartimento di Economia e Finanza, Università Cattolica di Milano and Centre for Research in ...
2015-02-26 The effects of minimum wage on a labour market with high temporary employment
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In this paper, we use propensity score matching and a difference-in-differences estimator to study the impact of minimum wage hikes on labour market outcomes in Poland in 2002-2013. We focus on job separations, adjustments of hours worked, share of full-time jobs and of real wages. ...
2015-01-30 Uncertainty in the labour market: How does fixed-term employment affect fertility and mental health of the young generation?
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Wolfgang Auer (Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich and Ifo Institute, Munich) and Natalia Danzer (Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, Ifo Institute, Munich, and IZA Bonn) study the short- to medium-run effects of starting a career on a fixed-term contract on fertility and health outcomes. We ...
2015-01-29 What Drives the Increase in Health Care Costs with Age?
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The aim of the article is to show the role of the drivers of health care costs increases with age. An innovative decomposition strategy has been proposed and applied to the population-wide data on health care expenditure in Poland. We have found that the health ...
2015-01-28 Youth unemployment and mental health: dominance approach. Evidence from Poland
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Martyna Kobus (Institute of Economics of Polish Academy of Sciences) and Marcin Jakubek (Instytut Nauk Ekonomicznych PAN) present evidence on the relationship between mental health and unemployment among Polish youth. The literature establishes links between mental health and unemployment, but the evidence concerning youths is ...
2015-01-27 Crowding (out) the retirees? RDD application to raising effective retirement age in Poland
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As of 2007 increased labor force participation of the elderly has been observed in Poland. In 2009 a reform in the eligibility criteria narrowed the scope of early retirement opportunities for majority of the occupations. We rely on Polish LFS and employ regression discontinuity design ...
2015-01-15 Skill based labour demand and the wage growth of younger workers: Evidence from an unexpected pension reform
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Large-scale pension reforms can have redistributive wage effects across generations and education groups when the labour market suffers from skill mismatch. A quasi-experimental ‘retirement shock’ in Ukraine illustrates the effect of labour scarcity on wage growth and returns to education: it reveals that young and ...
2015-01-13 Intergenerational educational mobility and completed fertility
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This paper investigates the role of intergenerational social mobility in completed fertility of women born between 1948 and 1972 in Poland. It examines the hypothesis of acculturation, which implies that fertility of the mobiles will be in between that seen in their parents’ (origin) and ...
2014-08-04 Does flexible employment pay? European evidence on the wage perspectives of female workers
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The aim of this paper is to explore three issues relating to the financial dimension of female labour market outcomes. Firstly we analyze the gender pay differentials, adding to the existing literature an age - and distribution specific gender pay gaps. Next, we investigate the ...
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