Jan Witajewski-Baltvilks

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2020-07-02 Distributional effects of emission pricing in a carbon-intensive economy: the case of Poland
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In this paper, we assess the distributional impact of introducing a carbon tax in Poland. We apply a two- step simulation procedure. First, we evaluate the economy-wide effects with a dynamic general equilibrium model. Second, we use a microsimulation model based on household budget survey ...
2020-01-13 Short- and long-run dynamics of energy demand
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The timing of the response of CO2 emissions to a carbon tax depends crucially on the timing of response of energy demand of changes in energy prices. In this paper, we investigate the path of changing energy demand from the moment of a change in ...
2019-05-30 Just coal transition in the Silesia Region. Implications for the labour market
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The role of hard coal in the economy of the Silesian voivodship will continue to decrease. Decarbonisation will entail far-reaching economic and social changes. IBS research (Witajewski-Baltvilks et al. 2018) shows that according to the scenario of an ambitious climate policy, the number of miners ...
2018-11-28 Risks associated with the decarbonisation of the Polish power sector
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The Polish power sector currently stands at a crossroads, facing two alternative pathways. First, the decarbonisation pathway with radical CO2 emissions reduction, which involves a fast phase-down of coal. Second, the baseline pathway that abandons emission reduction targets, and involves a slow coal phase-down. Both ...
2018-10-25 Managing coal sector transition under the ambitious emission reduction scenario in Poland. Focus on labour
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This report presents the main economic facts on the role of coal in the Polish economy, and analyses the implications of the transition away from coal for coal consumption and coal mining employment in Poland. Poland’s energy mix relies on coal, most of which is ...
2018-10-23 Prospects of green growth in coal-dependent regions of Poland. Macroeconomic analysis of Śląskie Voivodeship and Konin Subregion
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The purpose of this report is to identify potential engines of economic growth in two regions of Poland: Śląskie Voivodeship and Konin Subregion. Currently, the economy in both regions is largely dependent on coal mining. A likely drop in demand for coal due to the ...
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