The purpose of this report is to identify potential engines of economic growth in two regions of Poland: Śląskie Voivodeship and Konin Subregion. Currently, the economy in both regions is largely dependent on coal mining. A likely drop in demand for coal due to the adoption of ambitious climate policies and crowding-out by low-cost Renewable Energy Sources constitutes a significant challenge for the two regions. In this report we explore which sectors could drive the growth of the economy in the future. We also analyse the composition of the labour force with respect to its age, education and gender in each sector of the economy in the two regions. This allows us to identify sectors which could offer jobs that are appropriate for workers leaving the mining sector.

keywords: green growth, regional development, coal phase-out, macroeconomic analysis

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publication year: 2018

language : English

thematic categories : ,

publication number : 03/2018

additional information: We would like to thank Aneta Kiełczewska, Piotr Lewandowski, Adam Pigoń and Marek Antosiewicz for their valuable comments, suggestions and support. We would also like to thank Agata Miazga for indispensable editorial support. The research leading to these results received funding from the EIT Climate-KIC Pathfinder project Smart Transitions led by the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation. This paper uses Statistics Poland data. Statistics Poland is not liable for the results and conclusions presented in the publication. The usual disclaimers apply. All errors are ours.

Jakub Sawulski

Institute for Structural Research (IBS)

Jan Witajewski-Baltvilks

Institute for Structural Research (IBS); Faculty of Economic Sciences, University of Warsaw

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